This is a custom ROM that gives you stable Android 12 on your OnePlus 5 or 5T. In the following section you will find general information, instructions, links and known issues.

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Installation Instructions

The following telegraph post contains a full guide on how to install Pixel Experience on your OnePlus 5 or 5T. Make sure to have an unlocked bootloader. If you have any problems or questions, feel free to ask in the Telegram Group linked here.


Update Instructions

Here is a guide on how to update the ROM if you already have it running on your device.


Support the project

Building and adapting a ROM for obsolete devices takes a lot of time, tests and patience for everyone involved. We/I do this in my free time - for you - for free, alongsides a full-time job, family and real life in general. And I don’t even run ads on this website. So if you like the shiny end-result running on your phone, feel free to motivate and support me by donating a donut. You can also support me by following my GitHub Account to stay up to date on my current and upcoming projects. If you’d like to donate, you can either do so through the System Updater or the Pixel Experience website to donate to the whole project or support me by buying me a coffee using the button below. A huge thank you to all previous donors, your appreciated donuts motivate me a lot! :] You can also help us with Translations here. I don’t leave you hanging.



This telegraph changelog also contains all the changes of previous releases like PE11 and PE10 as well as some release notes. Check Lexip’s Channel on Telegram for the full release notes, news & announcements.


News Channel & Support Chat

This button takes you to my Telegram Channel with more information related to Pixel Experience for the OnePlus 5/T such as announcements, hotfixes, release notes and more. Linked to the channel is the dedicated group where you can chat with each other and where most of the problems get solved. Make sure to ask there instead of the general Pixel Experience Group because this one is dedicated to the OnePlus 5 Series.


XDA Thread

For the sake of completeness, I also list the XDA Threads here. However, please use the Telegram Group for questions and problems.

Known Issues

These are the major known Issues for Pixel Experience 12. They will be kept uptodate.

  • Display - The DC Dimming feature may not work at the moment, if you don’t know what that is, just ignore this.
  • Connectivity - SIM Slot 1 works totally fine, but SIM Slot 2 works for calls only. So make sure to use your SIM for mobile data in Slot 1 (the inner one).
  • Recovery - Data encryption is not supported by any recovery for Android 12 at the moment. This is no problem of the ROM but of the recoveries themselves. That means you cannot choose files from the internal storage in the recovery. Use ADB Sideload instead. If your recovery asks you for a PIN or Pattern, just press cancel to enter the recovery. Make sure to use the latest TWRP Recovery. OTA updates will work fine.

Plus possible unknown or minor issues…

Third Party Extentions


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose the Plus Edition?

Most stable releases are available in two different versions. The stock version and plus edition. The only difference between the two is that the plus edition has more functions and is the first to be published. Here are some of the differences.

How do I recieve updates?

You will recieve most of the official updates over-the-air (OTA). That means that an updater is built into the System Settings, like in OxygenOS itself. Very few updates require additional steps by you. If this should be the case, I will inform you in the release note and in the changelog, so make sure to read it regularly. Experimental, alpha or test builds that you installed manually may also need to be updated manually. You can find further update instructions above.

When does the next update get released?

In a nutshell: You will recieve an update when it’s ready. At least monthly. It includes the latest security patches each month along with feature enhancements, improvements, and bug fixes. The exact date and time of a new release depends on a myriad of factors and cannot be accurately predicted. Please do not ask me or anyone else when a new update is released as no one can answer this question. I do my best to get you the latest builds ASAP, but of course I have to look out for stability as well. If you still can’t wait, you can see in the CI Dashboard when a new and official beta or stable release candidate is on its way.

Does SafetyNet pass with/without Magisk?

Yes. SafetyNet will pass both with and without Magisk. If you want to use Magisk, use the latest version and hide the Magisk Manager in its Settings. You may also need the Universal SafetyNet Fix by kdrag0n when using Magisk. Zygisk Hide is the new Magisk Hide.

How can I fix apps that detect root (e.g. banking apps)?

SafetyNet will pass and the most banking apps will work out of the box when you are not using Magisk. But sometimes when using Magisk or some strict apps, it may require some tricks. There is an alternative to Magisk Hide called Zygisk Hide in Magisk now. Here is a guide that explains how you can fix the complaining apps.

Can I switch between the Plus Edition and the normal Edition without resetting the device?

Yes. You can simply flash the Plus/Normal Edition over the other, like any other update.

Does fast charging / dash charging work?

Yes. This ROM is fully compatible with dash charge. Make sure to use a supported charger and cable.

Does this ROM support F2FS paritioning?

Yes. Currently (01/2022), you can set your data partition to F2FS. But it is expressly NOT recommended, as your phone won’t be encrypted anymore.

What can I do about wrong or missing translations?

You can contribute to the translations of your language at

How can I fix low volume in audio/video recordings?

This bug exists for ages now. To improve the recording volume, try to turn on or off Google Voice-Match (“Hey Google”). You have to try what works best for you.


To get the best performance out of the preinstalled GCam app, you need to apply a config (.xml) file. Download these XML configs and move them to the folder GCam/Configs8/ on your device. Then open the Google Camera app, double-tap the black space between the shutter button and the gallery preview at the right and apply the config. If you have problems, clear the app data of the google camera before. There is one config for the portrait mode and one for night sight. You can switch between them with “a double-tap on black space between the shutter button and the gallery preview”.

Is the camera dotfix included?

Yes. The camera dotfix is included in all releases for this device.

How can I use adb sideload as an alternative to the instllation in TWRP itself?

Here is a guide provided by the teamwin themselves. If you dont understand it, just search for adb sideload on YouTube.

The Google App or the Google Play Services consume a lot of energy, what can i do about it?

Try uninstalling the updates from both the Google App and the Google Play Services. You can find the option to do so at the top right corner of the app info page.

The App <insert your app here> does not work anymore. How can I fix it?

Your issue is not caused by the ROM. Clearing the App Data of that specific App might help.

Further FAQs will be added gradually…


Pixel Experience 12

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Enjoy Pixel Experience! Cheers.